My name is Ty Barbary. I’m a genderqueer creative with no sense of moderation when it comes to the things I love to do: I’m a sci-fantasy writer, synesthic artist, enthusiastic worldbuilder, and amateur songwriter. I also do a little web design and brand-driven marketing on the side, but who’s counting?

I love languages, science, the natural world, diversity, ancient Egyptian mythology, symbolism, and interesting fictional critters. I live in northern Texas with my partner Jerynn and a whole houseful of animals and instruments and books.


I am a prolific non-human-centric writer (700+ pieces of fiction from 2000-2009; I kinda stopped counting after that) who greatly enjoys turning tropes on their heads. I’ve participated in National Novel-Writing Month since 2003 and reached the 50,000 word goal every year save one, and I’ve also thrown in with Camp NaNoWriMo and StoryADay more than once.

I’ve got select stories available for your (free!) reading pleasure, as well as some short fiction released for Kindle.

Current projects: Black Blood, an epic hero’s-quest novel starring an alien race; Everything to Lose, a scifi on-world adventure novel, and The Last Devil, a high fantasy military novel.


I explore alien and fantasy worlds and study their denizens with rapt attention to detail. To date, I’ve encountered over 300 intelligent species, over 100 different worlds, and over a dozen languages.

You can learn one of those languages, Uhjayi, with me, or check out some easier cyphers. I keep two wikis, one for my magicpunk universe, Gurhai, and the other for my scifi universe that contains Lavana.


Music is my lifeblood, my oxygen, my sunlight. I write songs. I sing. I drum. I have a classical guitar (Acacia) and an electric bass (Kitten), both of whom are teaching me their songs.

I’m one-third of Catfolk, along with my partner and my sister. Together, we make acoustic pagany music and digital instrumental tunes. I have plenty of songs in the works and participate in FAWM every February.

meet the household critters

Kitsune, female tabbycat,
adopted December 2005.

Terror, male marmie-tabby, adopted 2003 (by Jerynn).

B.B. (Black Betty), female border collie/
basset hound mix, adopted 2012.

Aspen, male super pastel ball python, adopted (hatchling) July 2014.

Hazel, female butter pinstripe ball python, adopted (hatchling) September 2014.

Tangle, female hypo Brooks kingsnake, adopted (adult) December 2014.