I write visceral stories about all kinds of people: monsters and aliens and animals and, sometimes, even humans. I like combining myth, magic, and plausibility, resulting in strangely logical fantasy and some awfully mystical sci-fi. I have approximately a zillion original cultures and species, which is why humans don’t usually get my spotlight. While I like snappy and witty pacing, I tend to wind up with verbose imagery. (I paint with words; it’s a thing.) I enjoy featuring less-common demographics in my stories wherever I can, and yes, I will queer it up a lot.

In addition to the free short stories I’ve made available below for your reading pleasure, I’ve also released some short fiction for Kindle.

Current projects: Black Blood, an epic hero’s-quest novel starring an alien race; Everything to Lose, a scifi on-world adventure novel, and The Last Devil, a high fantasy military novel.

Free Short Stories