Ty says…

This is prayer and spell and song all in one. Wolf is known as a great teacher: puppies can teach us how to relax and play again, while adult wolves can teach us how to be true to our own natures, genuine in ourselves, and how to learn to live in harmony with the world around us. We begin by calling for Wolf’s attention and promising our praise. The song asks for each aspect to teach us what we need to learn, to show us what we need to see, then fondly bids farewell – but only for now, for we are not done learning until we leave this life.

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hey-oh family, i will sing your praise
dey-ha family, i ask you for help
hey-oh little wolf, may i be your friend?
dey-ha little wolf, all i mean is good

do you hear me calling, little wolf?
can you hear my pretty little song?
does the happy tune please you, little wolf?
could you add your wonderful voice?

hey-oh little wolf, rolling in the brush,
dey-ha little wolf, teach me to play too,
hey-oh mama wolf, i will sing your praise,
dey-ha mama wolf, can your small pup play?

i have seen your faces, mama wolf
your gentle tongue and fierce ripping teeth
will you show me how to live, mama wolf?
you are ever true to yourself

hey-oh, mama wolf, running swift and sure,
dey-ha mama wolf, will you be my guide?
hey-oh papa wolf, i will sing your praise,
dey-ha papa wolf, is your mate your pride?

i sing of your wisdom, papa wolf,
won’t you teach me of the ancient lore?
you are known as a mentor, papa wolf
you know all of life’s mysteries

hey-oh papa wolf, hunting with your pack,
dey-ha papa wolf, may i walk your path?
hey-oh family, thank you for your time
dey-ha family, for now i say goodbye