Ty says…

This was entirely random. While I do a lot of creative worldbuilding (geofiction, really) and fiction-writing, almost all of which revolves around non-human creatures and cultures, the kilshail were not something I’ve ever encountered before this song-intro. I suspect there will be more songs featuring them.

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we are the kree of the kilshail,
shaggy of fur and bright of eye,
dark and sharp of claw, barbed of tail,
long in tooth, for others we’ll die

we are the fen of the kilshail,
soft of pelt and gentle of gaze,
kind and deft of paw, toes so pale,
fangs pin-sharp, but benign our ways

we are the zesh of the kilshail,
dark of hide with shadowy sight,
seeking in dance to lift the veil,
jaws chewing truths, singing the rite

we are the bucks of the kilshail,
protectors of the little ones,
providers for those old and frail,
teachers of the mothers’ new sons

we are the mares of the kilshail,
nurturers of the newest born,
leaders of the strongest and hale,
healing the hurt, the dead to mourn

we are the cubs of the kilshail,
seekers, stumblers, eager to learn,
we play and eat and sleep and wail,
to grow swift, sly, and strong we yearn