I write visceral stories about all kinds of people: monsters and aliens and animals and, sometimes, even humans. I like combining myth, magic, and plausibility, resulting in strangely logical fantasy and some awfully mystical sci-fi. I have approximately a zillion original cultures and species, which is why humans don’t usually get my spotlight. While I like snappy and witty pacing, I tend to wind up with verbose imagery. (I paint with words; it’s a thing.) I enjoy featuring less-common demographics in my stories wherever I can, and yes, I will queer it up a lot.

In addition to the free short stories I’ve made available below for your reading pleasure, I’ve also released some short fiction for Kindle.

Current projects: Black Blood, an epic hero’s-quest novel starring an alien race; Everything to Lose, a scifi on-world adventure novel, and The Last Devil, a high fantasy military novel.

Free Short Stories

Uhjayi is a work of fiction, the native tongue of the inlanlu tahori, a species of tribal shapeshifters on a world known as Alasa Ka. Their universe is half-science and half-fantasy: magic and natural selection shape evolution, and a person must use both logic and spirit to thrive. Uhjayi itself is a conlang – a constructed language made to simulate the form of communication an alien culture might possibly use, given that one of their skins is remarkably similar to the one we humans wear all our lives.

Inspired by Pimsleur‘s audio learning method, which heavily emphasizes conversational language and repetition, I began exploring Uhjayi with the same pattern that Pimsleur uses. While these lessons are both written and audio, the audios are only about five minutes in length, much shorter than Pimsleur’s 30-minute average.

Join me in exploring an alien language and uncovering the nuances of culture that only fluency can reveal.