Ty says…

This poem-turned-song was written with the sole purpose of making an easier transition through death and into rebirth.

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this is a prayer
for the declination
of the world
in me

may i breathe deep
of this cold wind
that rips through the vale
steals the warmth from my flesh
and powers me
the depths

may i walk calm
with head held high
shoulders squared, back straight
towards that which awaits me
and not cry
for that
which i leave

may i speak quietly
when my voice wants to fail
when my heart is screaming
for release, escape, reprieve
so my words
cannot be
used against me

may i go
when i go
with such grace as i can muster
and face my descent
with pride
and strength
and no fear

what is left behind
are ashes
and dead leaves
of a life i no longer live

but when i rise again
there will be new fires
and new saplings
extending upwards
from the world
in me