“Hey! That’s mine!”
“What? No it’s not. It’s mine.”
“Is not!”
“Is too!”

“Stern! That-thing belongingto-me is!”
“Question? No, that-thing belongingto-you no-is. That-thing belongingto-me is.”

“Nog! Zi-omku a-un huri!”
“Na? Su, zi-omku adu urhuri. Zi-omku a-un huri.”

~ Nog is a social indicator that can also be used as an exclamation, much like we’d say “hey!” or “yo!” to get someone’s attention.
~ The words for “my” (a-un, “belonging to me”) or “your” (adu, “belonging to you”), follow the noun they modify (in this case, zi-omku, “that thing”).
~ Zi- is a prefix that roughly transforms a word from “the ___” to “that ___.” Commonly used when pointing out a particular thing/person in a group/crowd. Zinen (“that-person”) is frequently heard.